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HAWKS and friends of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), please be advised that no chapter, no individual and no affinity groups or organizations can host events, or activities, including homecoming in the name of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore or the National Alumni Association (NAA), without the expressed consent of both the University and the Association. Any and all groups, organizations doing so, are hereby given the notice to cease and desist immediately! There is only one homecoming date for UMES, and it has been determined that homecoming will be held in the fall, during the month of November. Therefore, our next official, scheduled homecoming, providing COVID restrictions permit, is November 2021.


The University of Maryland Eastern Shore National Alumni Association (UMESNAA) does not support or recognize any homecoming events or activities, outside of the fall of November 2021, or any events NOT sanctioned by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore or the National Alumni Association. The event scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2021, is not a sanctioned event and should not use the name, title, or any likeness of UMES or UMESNAA.


Information concerning official homecoming events and dates will be made available once they have been finalized. Thank you with Hawk Pride!


James M. White, Jr., Ed.D.

President UMESNAA 

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Good Evening Hawks,


UMES will participate in the Home Depot RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL Grant Program this year by way of a social media challenge.  



The 2021 Home Depot RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL Grant Program is designed by Home Depot Store Support, Inc. to encourage and recognize innovative projects that contribute to the campuses of accredited Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Thirty (30) Campus improvement awards (“CIA Grants”) ranging between the amounts $20,000 - $75,000 USD each will be awarded to each of the winning schools in the three (3) CU Clusters.  



If we win UMES would have the funding needed to make repairs and upgrades to the pavilion near the Student Apartments.  This is an online, mostly social media, event. The campaign runs from February 15, 2021 through March 15, 2021.  



As a part of this challenge, we will be posting frequently on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #UMES_RYS21 to get the highest number of hashtags for UMES from all audiences. In the next few days, word about this challenge will soon be the talk among Hawks as we have participated in this challenge in the past and placed in the top numbers.



Social media votes are defined as votes that use the school's unique hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram. Each time our school's unique hashtag is used on Twitter or Instagram ONE (1) vote will be earned per post.  This includes retweets and reposts.  Your account MUST be public.  If your account is private, there is no way to see your post so it will not be counted. Derogatory or offensive posts/pictures will not be counted.   An example of an appropriate post:  "UMES will win this challenge! #UMES_RYS21".  Find full details click HERE.


With Hawk Pride,



Anshay Tull, 3rd Vice President

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

National Alumni Association


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