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Get Involved and Make a Difference

The University’s Alumni represent the legacy of our institution and offer powerful inspiration to the students of today.  As such, our Alumni can assist the University in achieving its goals and fulfilling its mission in a variety of ways.



Become a UMES NAA Member

As graduates begin their journey and become sons and daughters of the Hawk Pride Nation, we at the UMES National Alumni Association invite you to establish or renew your official membership. Your annual dues are critical and help create a vibrant, welcoming, and meaningful organization. Our goal is to make a difference in the professional and social lives of our members. We help our members - from graduate students to successful professionals - stay connected to the place that for each of us holds such special meaning. The UMES National Alumni Association is open to graduates from all schools of the University, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate. Join us today!


Register HERE 



As partners, alumni can assist in the recruitment of potential students to the University.  There is no better publicity for the quality of education that a student will receive at our Institution than the alumni that share his or her positive experiences.



As graduates, our Alumni can provide students with knowledge of the University’s rich history and traditions that foster unity and promote school spirit, which will, in turn, foster in those students a lifelong connection to their Alma Mater.


Career Mentoring (WINGS)

As professionals, alumni can share their knowledge, expertise, and work experience with graduating students as they prepare for work in our global community. Alumni can not only serve as mentors but can assist with career readiness and placement of graduating students in every field of endeavor. To learn more about our WINGS mentoring program click here.



As volunteers, alumni can use their time and talents to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the University.



As supporters, Alumni can attend activities and events sponsored by the University, both on campus and in communities throughout the world, as a means of spreading the good news of the University.



As providers, alumni can leave a legacy to their Alma Mater by giving to others, what was given to them as students -- and that is an opportunity.  By giving alumni to the University, alumni can ensure, through perpetuity, that students, for years to comes, will have access to quality education. Click here to see how you can give.

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