A Message from the UMES National Alumni President

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Dear Hawks:

I am delighted to introduce myself as the president of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) National Alumni Association (NAA). Previously, I served as the President of the Tri-County Alumni Chapter and I served our alma mater in a number of administrative
leadership positions for 35-years, including that of Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Now retired and in my new capacity as NAA President, I am looking forward to realizing the theme selected for this year – Reviving the
Nest! How do you ask? By working with an awesome team of dedicated Hawks.

Together it is the intent of this administration to grow alumni membership, appreciating the consistently loyal members, while attracting younger recently graduate alumni into the nest. And build a futurist membership system that will let us stay in contact with alumni around
the world. We also intend to work on development opportunities, which in themselves will increase our national footprint, while identifying additional funding opportunities and partnerships for financial assistance to UMES and students. Communications is another area we intend to focus on, to engage and inform alumni of the activities, events, and issues facing the association and UMES. Plan to see more on our website, the Hawk Eye, and other media platforms. We also want to focus our attention on alumni and build a talent/skills bank of alumni who are willing to give freely of their time to build both students and alumni. To whom much is given much is required and we want to give to Hawks and future Hawks! We are beginning to fill committees and getting down to building a calendar with our chapters.

In a COVID-19 environment, nothing is business as usual. In fact, things we thought would never change, have changed. We are trying to stay engaged. Many chapters and committees are meeting virtually or over the phone. We are working and you can stay connected by becoming an active alumnus. Join the NAA and a chapter, following information found on this site. We are calling all Hawks to the floor, we got some here, but
we need some more. Join and have direct input into your alumni association.

I look forward to seeing you virtually for now, but soon at an alumni meeting, as together we work Reviving the Nest!

Hawk Pride!
James (JW) White, Jr. Ed. D. '82


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