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A Message from the UMES National Alumni President

Dear Fellow Hawks, 


It is with profound gratitude that I thank you for your vote of confidence in the 2016 UMES National Alumni Association (NAA) Election.  Eight of our fellow Alumni heeded the call to work diligently to serve our beloved Alma Mater and we pledge to adhere to our National Alumni Association Code of Ethics.  We pledge to be tireless in our work, to be dedicated in promoting increased student recruitment as well as alumni engagement.  We also pledge to support and promote University of Maryland Eastern Shore relations and its community involvement. 

We stand ready to meet our duties head on and we will love every step of the way.  We are “HAWKS” and together we enthusiastically accept our duties and responsibilities to represent the National Alumni Association.

We need your support and engagement.  I encourage you to support your local chapters and if there is no existing chapter in your city/state, contact our second Vice President Retired Brigadier General, Walter Jones at for assistance in establishing a chapter.

Very soon, you will receive a request to join, if not already a member of our National Organization.  Please take the time to register, and let us know your concerns and activity participation requests.  Remember, Hawks may fly high with its wingspan stretching with remarkable width, but if we don’t know where you are, we miss the opportunity of including you in our Hawks’ Nest.  

In closing, I invite all Alumni to campus on August 24, 2016, to welcome the class of 2020 to our campus.  Our NAA Board will be present to welcome the new students to our “nest.”  I welcome all of you to visit during orientation week and the first two months of school.  This is a critical time of adjustment and anxiety, and our newest Freshman class members will be helped by our presence and support.  Please join the National Alumni Association in making this period a smooth transition.

When thinking of our beloved campus, I often think of the slogan, “Something Extraordinary happened here at UMES…. yes, You!



Warmest regards,

Deborah Hayman, Class of ‘76

NAA, President