A Message from the UMES National Alumni President

Greetings Alumni,

When thinking of our beloved campus, I often think of the slogan, “Something Extraordinary happened here at UMES…. yes, You!

This past year, we’ve accomplished many activities, however, there are still many issues to address and work to be done.  I applaud your efforts and pray that you continue to perform the extraordinary tasks that you do in the name of our grand Alma Mater.  

As a reminder, I’d like to begin my report with the Mission and Vision of the UMES NAA.  I do so because it is my belief that we must focus on the reason why we all give so freely and diligently to our Alumni Association.


The UMES NAA is an independent, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide governance and leadership connecting alumni, students, and friends while serving the university locally and globally.  The UMES NAA provides and supports alumni programs and services, facilitates communication with alumni, and seeks to strengthen and encourage alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association, and university affiliation. The UMES NAA coordinates its activities to advance the university’s academic, administrative, athletic, research and outreach programs.


The vision of the UMES NAA is a highly visible, influential, dynamic, and supportive organization integral to the growth and expansion of the University.


    We believe in “Hawk Pride” in the execution of our duties internally and externally to the university
    We believe that our university experience is life-changing and transformative
    We believe that the student relationship with the university is for a lifetime
    We recognize the importance of higher education to career success
    We believe we are a nurturing organization, in our effort to provide service to the membership, the university, and the broader                     community
    We believe that the alumni are essential to the growth and viability of the university
    We believe that alumni must contribute actively to the development of the university, and this may include challenging the university's         vision and mission



•    Attended HBCU hearing in Richmond, Virginia
•    Established the Alumni Giving Campaign for Graduating Students awarding UMES $1.00 for every graduating student in 2019                      Commencements 
•    NAA President and Financial Secretary attended the Board of Visitors meetings
•    The NAA and participating chapters awarded student scholarships to new and returning students 
•    Greeted 2019 New Entrants with toiletries and words of encouragement
•    Our retreat weekend was completed on a successful note and congratulations to all members and James Lunnermon for their hard              work and input
•    James Lunnermon announced his new position in the Office of Student Affairs and the Alumni Association presented him a Lifetime              Alumni Membership gift
•    Members attended the Inaugural Celebration for President Heidi Anderson
•    Members attended the Summer Graduation in September of 2019
•    Presented the Campus with a gift from each graduate for the Alumni Giving Campaign and paid NAA membership 
•    NAA President was appointed to the Search Committee for the Alumni Director’s position
•    Met with the attorneys for the HBCU Coalition, consulted with Dr. Earl Richardson, Past UMES NAA President Willie Baker, and fellow          HBCU Alumni Presidents
•    Alumni and Executive NAA 1st VP were represented on the Search Committee for the Position of Basketball Coach
•    Attended the HBCU RALLY, November 13, 2019, Annapolis, Maryland
•    Attended the HBCU TOWN HALL meetings


Upcoming events include:
Homecoming 2020
Election of 2020
MEAC  2020

In Closing, we’re looking forward to seeing Hawks from all classes returning to the nest Homecoming Week, beginning February 24th 

thru February 29th, 2020.  Until then, continue to recruit, give and help students at UMES thrive!

Deborah Powell-Hayman’76
UMES NAA President


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