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WINGS Mentoring Program

Welcome to the WINGS Mentoring Program through the Office of Alumni Affairs at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

We are offering this program as a way for alumni to be engaged with students in your area of interest and their fields of study. 


Once paired, you and your mentee will benefit from the relationship you build when you share your professional and life experiences. Our mentors provide students with the opportunity to spread their wings and strive to be all that they can be.



  1. First, you must be Willing to Inspire Greatness in our Students.

  2. Second, you must complete the Volunteer Mentor Profile.

  3. Third, as a WINGS mentor, you must agree to maintain contact via email, phone or in person, with your mentee (with a minimum of two contacts) during one semester.


As a mentor, you agree to allow the Office of Alumni Affairs to contact you periodically to see how your mentoring experience is going, ask if you would like to continue your service as a mentor and verify your contact information is correct.

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