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A Message from the UMES National Alumni President

Kadeem Turnbull UMES Director of Alumni

Mr. Kadeem Turnbull has been selected to serve as the Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events.  Mr. Turnbull earned both his Bachelor's (2016) and Master's (2018) degrees from UMES in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He is in the process of completing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at UMES. Kadeem has been an active member of the University community since first arriving at UMES seven years ago. Most recently, he has served as an Area Director and Graduate Assistant for the UMES Office of Residence Life. He is an active member of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc. and a Metropolitan United Methodist Church member. 


Mr. Turnbull is working strategically to create transparency. Kadeem is a firm believer in building trust with the alumni community. Kadeem's plan to bring one Hawk at a time to the nest. Stephen M.R. Covey once said, "We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior." As an alumnus, he understands there's work to be done by listening to alumni while seeking to understand their point-of-view.


"What are my expectations from the alumni?" The traditional response would be time, talent, and treasure at this moment, patience! In my grandmother's voice, Rome was not built in a day. I am taking this time to research, connect with the alumni community, and learn from anyone willing to see me succeed. I am fully aware I need to trust my abilities because trust is similar to confidence. In my program, I learn four cores to developing great trust in myself:

  1. Integrity

  2. Intent

  3. Capabilities

  4. Results


Integrity I will be honest with the alumni community. I will only make commitments I can fulfill. Intent I want the University of Maryland Eastern Alumni community to be engaged on many levels. Capabilities are the deliberate practice that will eventually make me good at what I do, which I can draw confidence and trust. Results are building a track record that the alumni community will see. Overall, I am ready to work and put my best foot forward. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for the alma mater that I love so dearly, and I intend to make the Hawk family proud, but most importantly, God!


We look forward to Kadeem's leadership in connecting with the UMES National Alumni Association, regional alumni chapters, and the alumni community's individual members. 


Contact Information:

Mobile:  1 (667) 221-2984

Office: 1 (410) 651-7606



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