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Giving Back

Maybe it was your parents, another relative or a friend of the family. Or maybe, it was even you.  But one day, someone made a decision that impacted your life.

It was a conscious decision... to walk that extra mile,  to work even longer in the heat of the sun, or to sacrifice for today, what could be gained tomorrow. But, it paid off.  That decision, whatever it was, changed your life forever.

At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, we share your values of hard work, resilience, determination, integrity, honesty, and faith.  Each day, we share those values with our students—giving them a foundation in learning and leadership that will enable them to reach their highest possible potential.

Since 1886, our historically black, the land-grant institution has provided thousands of students with educational opportunities they may not have otherwise received if our doors were closed. Each year, we invite over 4000 students of various races, ethnicities, and countries to share in an educational experience that offers intellectual growth, cultural sensitivity, and leadership development as they prepare for life in a global community.

A significant number of our students receive assistance in order to finance their college education.  However, as state and federal support of our public institution continues to decline, and as tuition continues to increase in order to meet the needs of basic operation, still too many students are denied access to quality education or must forgo the continuation of their academic pursuits because they simply cannot afford it.

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore remains steadfast in its determination to continue the legacy of learning and leadership for this next generation of leaders.

Division of Institutional Advancement, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853,

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